When Do You Write Your Spiritual-Ethical Will?

It’s Never Too Soon or Too Late to Write Your Spiritual-Ethical Will! There’s No Better Time Than The Present!

Carpe Diem! Seize the Day! Today is the perfect time to write your ethical will… whether you are young or old, healthy or ill. Think of an important time, a crossroads in your life and how a record of your thoughts, ideas and emotions may help you at a later date, or may help a loved one. Oftentimes we are so busy with the moment… when we look back, we forget what was precious. With an ethical will, those precious moments will last a lifetime.

Any rite of passage can be ripe with meaning and value to save and share:

• Marriage
• Divorce
• Graduation
• Promotions
• Births and Deaths
• Major Moves to a New Dwelling

There is no feeling like walking down the aisle with all your hopes and dreams for the future swirling in your head. Record them to set in stone your goals and to remind each other what the prize was and is.

Divorce is a traumatic time, whether amicable or conflictual. Writing a spiritual ethical will can help diffuse your emotions and set guidelines for your future relationships, with both your estranged spouse, your children and future alliances.

Maybe you’ve went back to school at in your 40’s 50’s or 60’s – what a triumphant accomplishment your graduation is–keep that momentum alive in recorded words. Be an example for children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren. Tell them about the emotion. Or tell them about the immense personal sense of accomplishment at a promotion, what it took to get there and what it means to you. At some point in their life they will have similar experiences and your lessons can help them through. Be by their side always with an ethical will.

Moving across the street sometimes can be emotional – moving cross-country can be terrifying and wonderful. Let your loved ones know what it was like for you and guide them through their own frightening and wonderful moves in life. Let your spirit travel with them on their journeys by recording yours.

Writing your spiritual-ethical will leave a protected path for your loved ones to follow, if they choose. You’ve learned valuable lessons in your experiences and sharing them can save trials and tribulations for family and friends. Write your spiritual-ethical will today and give the gift of you.

Mark writes ethical wills because he believes that it is the philosophical substance of a life. Here he talks about dreams and aspirations, accomplishments and failures, as well as wishes for future generations.


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