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The Spiritual Ethical Will has been created to guide you in writing your own ethical will or legacy letter. We can write for you too! 

What does Your Ethical Will include?

  • It reveals step-by-step guidelines so that you will know how to write an ethical will with ease.
  • Whatever format you choose, a poem, a story, a video, a letter or a long document, you will be shown how to leave a legacy that will have an impact through the ages.
  • From brainstorming the ethical issues that matter most to you to finalizing your ethical will and presenting it after you have completed your document, you are given help every step of the way.
  • You will explore the origins of this remarkable personal legacy document. Did you know that Ethical Wills occurred in the Old and New Testament, throughout the Middle Ages, and has become very popular in recent decades? Explore the impact of moral wills on Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and Japanese cultures. Even discover a spiritual ethical will of great poetic merit in the works of William Shakespeare!
  • You will be given convenient templates, thought-provoking questions, and ample examples from past and present to give you all you need to know … the who, what, when, where and how of writing and presenting your spiritual ethical will. Use the knowledge gained to enrich your life and spread this powerful tradition to people who are important to you!

Writing memoirs or creating a powerful personal legacy letter, ethical essay, or even a video ethical will can greatly improve your relationship with your loved ones; it can also set an ethical example to contemporaries and descendants whom you will never meet in person. The ethical wills of Sholom Aleichem, Jesus, and Theodor Herzl, for example, changed the world. Your spiritual ethical will can, too!


What is an ethical will? It is your contribution to the future, a way to preserve and perpetuate all your learned-life lessons. Use Your Ethical Will to guide you on this wonderful journey.


What is your legacy? Does it go beyond tangible property? Contact us today for more details!